An Old Irish Blessing ... May the road rise up to meet you.May the wind always be at your back.May the sun shine warm upon your face,and rains fall soft upon your fields.And until we meet again,May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

"It is said some lives are linked across time. There are certain people connected by an ancient calling that echoes through the ages....destiny."

Life is a fleeting moment. Why live life in moderation and control when it lasts so short a time. Love until you drown in the happiness, laugh until the air you breath escapes you, cry until your tears are dry and live like the next second death will take your soul. Life is yours to live, and live it you must, not in the fear of what is to come next. That Next Place is waiting for you. It waits, in the hope that you will come fulfilled and ready, not in longing and regret.

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Wishing you a wonderful new week..Like little birds, we only fly when we get shaken out of our nests; and develop the strongest wings only when we try them against the wind. The dove in a fable, was perturbed because the wind ruffled its feathers, but without that air it could neither soar nor live. In struggle, it is prudent to not wish away every opposition. It is better to meet and master our difficulties that faith can be made stronger through conflict.~Leroy Brownlow~With much love allways

Friday, April 9, 2010

Judging a book by it cover?

What truly lies behind that book you judge so easily, same goes for anyone of us, why judge us before you even know who we are, what we want or for what reason we pass into "your space" Maybe we don't want anything from you. Block us out if you like but you might be the poorer for that.

I have been judged my whole life, just as you were, every time somebody serves us in a shop, everytime you meet another person, the only thing that does not judge us is man's best friend. No matter how shit you treat the dog, it comes back wagging it's tail looking with big eyes at you.

I made that mistake years ago, working in a pharmacy there in Sunnyside, Pretoria. This young girlie came in pushing a pram, asked for help buying cosmetics, I judged her ... yeh right as if you could afford that! She payed with a gold Amex card. Right maybe I was wrong?

There's that time when we stayed in Durban, my mom loved visiting this clothing store owned by some Jewish ladies, they fell over backward to help her as soon as they heard she's going overseas, then they were on first name bases? If I went in there alone they wouldn't even bother giving you a glass of water if I collasped in their doorway. It's not as if I never went there without my mom. Should I go on .......

Oh I forgot to tell you about this wonderful conversation I had a while back with the man from the sewing machine shop. He mentioned their new pastor was South African, just resently come over, so I get his Ph no and give them a call, Welcoming them to Kempsey and wanting to invite them around the next time they headed up the mountain where we got a small farm. Well That went well... Not. He was so rude and abrunt even considering his profession. Did not even invite me to go to his church. I put down the phone thinking did that just happen ... why bother.

Have you been treated like that before yeh I bet you have ... If you don't think so, well then you must be lying to yourself. You dress to inpress ... who? You put yourself in blogland ... but you don't want your space invaded ... then go private!

All I can say is Life is short. I do apologize for this rant, it's not like me at all.
Until nexttime

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